Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My plan of action

My last post got me to thinking about what steps I need to take to follow through with my realization. So I've decided to make a list of the things I need to change so I don't fall right back into the same habits. I would love for whoever else that struggles with this to do the same.

1. Develop a stronger relationship with Jesus

2. Go to scripture when I feel Satan attacking me(I would love for anybody that comes across scriptures about self-image to send them my way)

3. Stop letting the number on the scale dictate the way I feel about my body

4. Eat healthy so I can take care of my temple God has given me(at all times)

5. Do not and I mean NEVER say anything negative about my body.

6. Accept compliments(especially from my husband)

That's all I've got for now, I will keep writing them out as I think of them. If you have a list you can leave a comment or e-mail it to me at aliruhman@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

And let your picture be taken...whenever anyone wants to! :)

Love you!!

erin said...

Do you still have that list of scriptures we got at the Beyond Women's Conference? There are a bunch of great ones! I have it posted in front of my kitchen sink. Anything that talks about God loving you and being a child of God is huge, because you should not talk bad about his precious creation!

Abbi said...

This is a great list for all of us!

One of the best pieces of advice I ever got from a friend in regards to negative self-talk is this: "If you wouldn't say it (something mean/rude/demeaning) to a child, don't say it to yourself".

A few others I've personally had to work on:
1. NOT comparing myself to other women.
2. Focusing on how good I FEEL: health, energy, mood, no aches/pains, etc.
3. Not beating myself up when I DO slip up. It's bound to happen--we're human! :)
4. Finding little ways to get more activity in my life...being outside, walks, talking the stairs, yard work, washing the car instead of going to a car wash, etc.

One other suggestion that may help with the girls is only pointing out the positive when you talk about others: "Oh, what a pretty necklace" or "I like that girl's haircut!" or those types of things instead of the negative stuff you notice.

E.Gray said...

Girl, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. When I was little my dad would tell me, when I did anything, you are the most beautiful, you are the best, you are the sweetest...etc. little girl up there, or doing whatever I was doing. I would laugh and as I got older, say "thanks dad :) with a smile, but thinking, whatever.." Well, he has helped make me into the person that I am, he has given me alot of self confidence because of the words he would speak to me. I knew I was never the most beautiful girl at a dance, or the smartest girl in school, but when he said it, it truly made me light up and smile and start to believe it :) I still smile to this day thinking of him telling me those things. So..we need to practice the same with ourself and our children. You can only be as good as you think you are and if you are constantly thinking you are not beautiful or skinny enough then you never will be. You jsut have to love your body that God blessed you with and take everyday at a time. Be happy with where you are that day, dont think about the past or the future. Just take care of yourself that day and you will see your beauty. We cant compare ourselves to people or numbers, I learned that a couple years ago, doing Weight watchers, that my number that is "Fit" for me, may be a higher weight than anyone would think, but if I am healthy and happy then the number doesnt matter. And I dont need to compare. Girl you are Hot and you need to know that. Because you have worked hard to get where you are at, and you need to be proud :) Love you!!!!

megan k said...

psalm 139