Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our summer so far....

We went on vacation to Florida with some amazing people. I'm so blessed God has placed them in my life. Love you guys!
I got a new sister inlaw, and my girl's were flower girls. Lily's 3rd wedding and Sadie's first!

We watched Daddy play softball every Monday.
Brad also got a promotion at work! We are so proud of him.

Got to swim in our kiddie pool for a couple days before the dog chewed it up. :(

We've gone swimming ALOT!

Played in the rain. After the hail storm! Lily went around picking up the hail and eating it. EWWW!

We did acrobats in the living room. These girls can jump!

We still have my sister's wedding coming up on August 7th that we are looking forward to.
Sadie's BD on August 15th. The BIG 3!!
Lily starts school on August 17th. She is getting very excited, it will be very bittersweet for me! She is growing up way to fast.
And at the end of this year we are going on a cruise with my inlaws and the girls! We are super excited. I can't wait for the girls to see the ocean!