Monday, December 22, 2008


Outside my window...COLD well I haven't actually been outside but I just know it's cold!

I am thinking....How I have two more days to get everything finished for Christmas, and how I'm excited for Christmas(I'm still just a kid at heart)

I am thankful for....Traditions, I love this time of year to follow previous traditions and make new ones with my growing family

From the kitchen...Lots and lots of baking this week. I'm making:

Peppermint bark

Saltine chocolate toffee

Puppy chow(for Brad's work)

Mexican Wedding cookies

Cheese bread and cinnamon rolls with my Mom(I'm especially excited for this)

I'm also making a seven layer salad and green bean casserole for Christmas day.

And of course I can't forget I have to feed my family tonight and tomorrow I'm making:

Mon: Taco Chili

Tue: Homeade chicken noodle soup

I am reading...Nothing, I need to get to the library

I am get lots accomplished today

I am creating...Nothing at the moment. I am hoping to do some scrapbooking over the weekend

I am hearing....quiet, it's nice. I guess my kiddos are really tired this morning so they are quietly watching Alladin in the other room

Around the house...Cleaning bathrooms today-uck my least favorite thing to do.

One of my favorite things...Cheese bread and cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. We always did this growing up and my mom still makes us grown kids extra for our families. I'm excited this year to actually learn how to make them.

A few plans for the rest of the week...

Mon: Cleaning, baking, wrapping gifts

Tue: Cleaning, baking, wrapping gifts

Wed: Christmas with my side of the fam. will be a fun and loud time with lots of laughter, eating, opening gifts, playing games and a new dirty santa game

Thur: Christmas morning opening gifts with my girls.
Going to his parents and opening gifts with them.
Then to his Aunt's to eat lunch.

Fri: Rest and Relaxation Brad is on vacation for 12 days! YAY!!!!

Sat: Rest and relaxation

Sun: Rest and relaxation

I never posted about our baby Jesus craft so here is what we did.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thunder Game

Monday night we took Lily and our nephew Kaden to the Oklahoma Thunder game. We stayed until half-time even though they think we stayed for the whole game!(I know we are mean) They had so much fun watching the game, eating cotton candy, and drinking pepsi. Let's just say a combination of those things made them very VERY hyper!(as you'll see in the video at the end)

Monday, December 8, 2008


Outside my window....Very windy, hopefully no more wildfires

I am much I need to do before christmas

I am thankful sweet family

From the kitchen...
Mon:Chicken Enchilada casserole
Tue: Chicken philly cheesesteaks
Wed: Leftovers or sandwiches
Thu: Roast
Fri: Skillet turkey meatloaf
Sat: Christmas Party with lifegroup
Sun: Spagetti

I am reading...Just finished Mistaken Identity. Very good, very interesting.

I am hoping...for work to pick up this week

I am creating...Just picked up my christmas cards. Love the way they turned out

Around the house...Still working on organizing kitchen cabinets

One of my favorite things...giggles from my girls

A few plans for the rest of the week...
Mon: Grocery store and OKC Thunder game
Tue: crafts with kiddos
Wed: Work and micro-mission at "all things baby" with lifegroup
Thu: I never have anything on Thursdays!
Fri: Work
Sat: Christmas party at the Moore's
Sun: Nothing yet

Here is one of our christmas card pic my sister Katie took of us. I'm very pleased with the way they turned out!

Please join others at The Simple Woman's Daybook

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Tree

The girls had so much fun decorating the Christmas tree this week. They got to go to Hobby Lobby and pick out ornaments just for them. Of course they picked pink ones!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wal Mart Gift Card

Wanna win a $100 giftcard to Wal Mart? Check out Centsiblesawyer for details!! Who couldn't use $100 to Walmart?!?!

Handprint Christmas Tree

Now that my girl's are older it is alot easier to do craft's with them.(most days!) This year I really wanted to get them in the christmas spirit by doing crafts each week. This week it's all about the christmas tree. Today we made handprint christmas tree's. I just traced their hands, cut them out and glued them together. Then they put stickers and colored red ornaments on them.

They were so proud of their creations!

Next week we will talk about baby Jesus and do some crafts about Jesus's birth.
Any suggestions for the craft?

Monday, December 1, 2008

For Today 12.1.08....

I always love reading Amy's daybook post's so I thought I would join in on the fun.

Outside my window...windy and cold

I am I need to go fold laundry

I am thankful for...being so blessed by God

From the kitchen... banana bread, and making chicken stir-fry for dinner

I am creating...currently painting a mirror for my living room

I am reading...NOTHING.....any suggestions?

I am hoping...for obedience in my girls this week!

I am hearing...spongebob

Around the house...working on cleaning out my kitchen cabinets and organizing a craft cabinet for the girls

One of my favorite while I read my bible in the mornings

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Mon: grocery shopping
Tue: working on some christmas crafts with the girls
Wed: work and lifegroup
Thur: ??
Fri: work and Brad works late
Sat: work and church
Sun: try and get some scrapbooking done

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...I never did share any halloween pics of my beautiful princesses so here they are.....

to participate in a blog like this one visit the simple woman's daybook here.

Monday, November 24, 2008

More scrapbooking!

After my last post it got me thinking of the scrapbook pages I did of Lily and Addisyn when they were babies. Lily was probably around 1 month and Addisyn around 3 months. They were so cute and chubby! I hope as they grow up they will still be best buddies!


I finally managed to get some scrapbooking done on Sunday. I'm trying to get caught up on my pages before the holidays. I only got two done but it's a start! The first one is of the girls at Frontier City when we were at Lifestock. The second is of Lily and her sweet friend Addisyn being silly. They have been best buds since Lily was born. They are about 3 month apart. I still remember when they were just babies laying on the floor together. They look so grown up in those pictures.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baking Day Update

This was really fun, I'm going to start trying to do this more often. It's actually not that hard to make multiple things at once. I got everything made that I planned except the blueberry muffins. I'll save those for Sunday since I have to work tomorrow and Saturday.

strawberry breakfast muffins
My girls thought they were really good.
(Lily will eat anything that's pink!)

the scones were probably the hardest since I've
never tried scones before. They were a little
messy but I think turned out pretty good.
(I haven't tried them yet!)

Veggie soup I added some beans for some protein

I'm freezing the soup in Tupperware. I froze half
and saved half so we could eat it this week.

I had a pineapple I needed to cut up.

Storing it in a Ziploc. We'll eat this tomorrow
with our omelets.

I'm taking this Jello/fruit thing(I don't have a name for it!)
to family birthday's tonight.

This is everything I got accomplished. The
girl's had pancakes for lunch!

I'm going to freeze the muffins, scones, and pancakes.
What's the best way to package them so they stay fresh?
Any ideas?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baking Day

I'm joining in on the baking fun with moneysavingmom. I love to bake but have not taken the time to do so lately. On Thursday I will be making.......

Classic Scones
Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins
Veggie Soup
Cream of Wheat Pancakes
Breakfast Strawberry Muffins

Most of these I will be freezing for later use. Let me know if you would like to try any of these recipes and I can e-mail them right over! Check back on Thursday for an update on what I actually got accomplished and some pictures!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Bod Squad

My soon to be sister in-law Abbi has started a new blog called the bod squad which I am lucky enough to be part of. This is exactly what I've been needing to keep me accountable with my healthy eating as I try and lose the last 10 pounds. While we hope to achieve our goals through this blog it is also our hope to inspire and encourage others who are on this same journey as we are. Won't you please join us in this new little adventure.


Check out this blog for an amazing ministry called soles4souls. They are trying to reach a goal of 50,000 pairs of shoes in 50 days. You can donate $5 for two pairs of shoes for someone that is not as fortunate as we are.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Brad!!

He turned the big 25 today! Happy birthay babe, We love you!!!

Here is what he got for his birthday, actually
Lily says she got it for him.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween 2007

It's hard to believe how fast a year goes by. My girls are just growing up to fast.
Last year Sadie was my punk rocker with purple hair, and Lily was a cute little bunny.
They had so much fun Trick or Treating for the first time. It was actually my first time to trick or treat also!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Storybook Forest

We had a great time at the Storybook Forest in Arcadia with our lifegroup last night.
We went through the trail with all the storybook characters, played games, and had a hayride.

Lily, Briley, and Sadie All of the kiddos getting ready to go through the trails.

Princess Rapunzel

The whole gang

All of the kiddos and mom's sitting on the shoe
This was Sadie's favorite part!
Humpty Dumpty

Rock a bye baby(this was one of the girls favorites)
This was Lily's favorite she is still talking about it today

Sadie went up to sleeping beauty and gave her a kiss

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Calling all Princesses

I'm running a Halloween special for $10 to get your pretty little princesses hair done on halloween. I'll be working most of the day so call me to book your appt. 808-4256. The following pictures are examples of Belle's and Cinderella's hair.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How To Speak Chinese

I always knew deep down when Lily was a baby that she knew how to speak chinese, but it has become even more apparent to me that she really does know how. For proof check out the video below. It's so adorable!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Girls Rock!

I just love having little girls to dress up and fix their hair. It's so much fun! Lately Lily has really been into dressing up in all her costumes and her "princess ballerina"(as she calls it) is her favorite by far right now. Of course since I am a hairstylist I had to make sure she had "princess ballerina" hair!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Question Of The Week

What do you do with your child's craft projects?

Here is my dilema, Lily loves to color and do
any kind of craft. On any given day she could
color up to 5 pages. Where on earth do you
keep all of those pages?!?! I've tried tossing out
some of them here and there but she found some
in the trash and was very upset with me. I felt
like a horrible mother!!

You got any advice?

Should I feel bad if I don't want to keep them ALL?