Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Handprint Christmas Tree

Now that my girl's are older it is alot easier to do craft's with them.(most days!) This year I really wanted to get them in the christmas spirit by doing crafts each week. This week it's all about the christmas tree. Today we made handprint christmas tree's. I just traced their hands, cut them out and glued them together. Then they put stickers and colored red ornaments on them.

They were so proud of their creations!

Next week we will talk about baby Jesus and do some crafts about Jesus's birth.
Any suggestions for the craft?


Nicole Knox said...

what a great idea=)

kacie said...

so cute! Yes you could get popsicle sticks and felt...you make all the people and baby Jesus and put faces on them. get construction paper for animals and put cotton balls on the sheep etc. Ans make an angel too with some glitter of course...they are girls so they will like that! Just an idea. Have fun...what a good mommy!
Kacie B

Stephanie A. said...

those are so cute. that's an awesome idea. you are so creative. i never would have thought of that!!!