Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thunder Game

Monday night we took Lily and our nephew Kaden to the Oklahoma Thunder game. We stayed until half-time even though they think we stayed for the whole game!(I know we are mean) They had so much fun watching the game, eating cotton candy, and drinking pepsi. Let's just say a combination of those things made them very VERY hyper!(as you'll see in the video at the end)


Amanda said...

I found your blog through Nicole Knox. We were good friends in High School. I am the girl that was sitting behind you at the game and took your picture. I just thought it was crazy that I found your blog. Your little girl is precious.

Amanda Watson

Brad and Ali said...'s such a small world! Thanks again for taking the pic!

erin said...

What did you do to my child???

Anonymous said... IS a small world! I was just thinking someone nice took your picture! :)

Funny that they thought it was the whole game.....of course we NEVER did anything like that to you guys ;)