Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baking Day Update

This was really fun, I'm going to start trying to do this more often. It's actually not that hard to make multiple things at once. I got everything made that I planned except the blueberry muffins. I'll save those for Sunday since I have to work tomorrow and Saturday.

strawberry breakfast muffins
My girls thought they were really good.
(Lily will eat anything that's pink!)

the scones were probably the hardest since I've
never tried scones before. They were a little
messy but I think turned out pretty good.
(I haven't tried them yet!)

Veggie soup I added some beans for some protein

I'm freezing the soup in Tupperware. I froze half
and saved half so we could eat it this week.

I had a pineapple I needed to cut up.

Storing it in a Ziploc. We'll eat this tomorrow
with our omelets.

I'm taking this Jello/fruit thing(I don't have a name for it!)
to family birthday's tonight.

This is everything I got accomplished. The
girl's had pancakes for lunch!

I'm going to freeze the muffins, scones, and pancakes.
What's the best way to package them so they stay fresh?
Any ideas?


Carol said...

I always freeze my bread/muffins in foil then in Freezer Bags. Everything else I can use my vacuum sealer, but it always squished bread when I've tried.

erin said...

I just throw things in freezer bags. If they're not the good quality ones I double bag them. So, do we get the recipes???

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I'm impressed!! Do you need help storing those things in my freezer? :)

Yeah...share the recipes. I know they're healthy.

And the jello/fruit thing was YUMMY!! It went well with my cake :)

Kristi said...

Ali, way to go. You are inspiring. I love reading what you are up to.