Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Question Of The Week

What do you do with your child's craft projects?

Here is my dilema, Lily loves to color and do
any kind of craft. On any given day she could
color up to 5 pages. Where on earth do you
keep all of those pages?!?! I've tried tossing out
some of them here and there but she found some
in the trash and was very upset with me. I felt
like a horrible mother!!

You got any advice?

Should I feel bad if I don't want to keep them ALL?


Anna Meadows said...

Ha-ha! I would keep some sort of folder... that way she can look back on them...Dad always had folders for things like that for us! And there were 7!!

Jessica said...

How dare you throw away any of your kids crafts....just kidding! I do what Anna said. I have a folder with plastic sheets so I can just put her projects in those and they are safe. Briley has something to bring home everyday, it's nice to look back and see how much she has progressed!

Abbi said...

You are NOT a horrible mother. And compulsive hoarding is NOT a good habit to pass on to the kiddos. ;)

Keep a few every now and then (as keepsakes) and trash the multiple 'extras' somewhere she won't see them (like the outside trash can). ;)

deleise said...

I have taken pictures of my kids art and kept it on the computer so we can organize it and look at it whenever we want.

Also you can take her picture once a month surrounded by her artwork so she can remember it all.

Oooorrr...you could have her send her art to older relatives that would be delighted to get a sample in the mail. Or have her pass them out at a nursing home? They are often lonely and would eat that up.