Monday, October 6, 2008

Chic Clips

I've been making these adorable flower clips for my girls hair and have decided to sale them in my salon. I'm also selling beanie hats for $14.00(with one flower included) that you can attach the flowers onto. The hats can be made in white, black, navy blue, pink, and brown. Here is a sneak peek.

here is a brown hat with pink flower

here is the same hat but with a fabric flower

fabric flowers can be custom made with your choice of fabric

fabric flowers can either be a pin or clip


Anonymous said... cute! Can we see the hat with a model? ;)

Nicole Knox said...

You make we want to have a girl!

E.Gray said...

sooo cute :) we need to go in together and I can do bows and you can do the flower clips and hats, seriously that we be cool :) I need to get brinley a cute hat.

Robin Meadows said...

You did it!! :) I LIKE that model!!

Jessica said...

Great job! Those look so cute!

Abbi said...

Very cute!! I like the name you came up with, too! :)

Kristi said...

What a great idea Ali. That way when your little girls are wearing Beanies people will still know they are girls.