Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Anna Maria Island

On Saturday we leave for Anna Maria Island in Florida. Our plane leaves bright and early at 5:40, not 6:40 like I had originally thought! We will board our plane with our friends Casey and Jessica, and Chris and Erryn. We will fly into tampa and then drive to the island. We are all looking forward to spending a week kid free relaxing and being kids ourselves! We couldn't have done this without the help of our family and friends. Thanks guys for watching our kiddos so we can go!!

We are staying in this duplex. Doesn't it look so fun! Sunday we will run in a 5k to support the Children's Academy of Southwest Florida. The rest of the week we will lay on the beach, go shopping, play games, swim in our heated pool, the guys are going to a baseball game in tampa, go on a catamaran snorkeling trip, sleep, eat, and all that fun stuff! We are sooooo excited! Here are some pictures of the island, doesn't it look lik paradise!


Kristi said...

This is what I miss. This is where I grew up. I hope you have a blast, You will :)

Katie said...

That looks amazing! You will have a blast!

D.A. said...

Can I get into your luggage? You all are going to have a blast. I'm so glad you are getting to go.Dad