Monday, April 20, 2009

My Burden

A while back Craig did a message on Godly burdens, actually it could have been a couple of years backs. For the life of me I can't think of what it was called but he talked about our personal Godly burdens. This has stuck with me all this time and I think about it often. My personal burden is hurting people. I have such a heavy heart for those going through troubled times, a broken marriage, losing a child, or dealing with a sickness. I often lose sleep over things like these. Lately it seems that there is something like this always going on for people around me. My problem is I don't know how to deal with my burden other than praying for these people. I always want to do MORE.

What is your Godly burden?

How do you deal with your burden?


erin said...

That's an awesome gift Ali. I know JUST praying seems so lame, but that is the thing to do. Also, since people's personalities and needs are different it is being sensitive as to how you can serve them. When I know people going through things I just ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to me just what I can do for them and pray that I have the energy to do it.

erin said...

Oh, and I deal with my burden by praying and excercising at the same time. Something about those endorphins and prayers mixed makes for a great time with God!

Anonymous said...

I love your heart. It is so tender. I just read a facebook msg written to you about how much you had recently helped someone. Bet you didn't even know the impact you had when you were "just cutting her hair"!

PRAYING is HUGE!! The power of the Holy Spirit can do so much more than our minds can even fathom. I'm learning it late (because I'm such a do-er), but I'm learning it!

Keep praying. Your heart is having an affect on lives! ~Mom

kacie said...

it is great it have that burden. it is Christ in you that is tugging at your heart and working through you. keep on praying girl the Lord will show you how to serve and what your part is in each situation.
"Lord be Ali's peace and wisdom in the relationships around her. Fill her with more of you to show her ways to build fellowship with fellow believers that go through difficult seasons in their lives. Lord, be her guide and strength and settle her mind as she rests. In Jesus name...Amen!

If you ever want to talk and fellowship more on this give me a ring or come on over...I would love it!

megan k said...

I have the same exact burden... I didn't realize it was a Godly burden until nicole told me to read this post of yours. Matt always asks, "how can you read that sad stuff?" I tell him, "I feel like I have to, like i owe it to the mom of that sick child. I feel like I would want her to read my story, so I read hers." Don't you feel like praying just isn't enough?! I don't know if that is wrong, but sometimes I feel like I need to do more. But there usually isn't anything else to do but pray.. ;) good post