Thursday, September 25, 2008


Have you ever tried these?

We love these at our house but I hate paying the price for convenience food.

I started making these and freezing them for a quick and easy meal. Especially good for Brad when I work on the weekends.

I use-

1 loaf french bread

Ham or Turkey(you could also use chicken)

Pepper jack or american cheese


Banana peppers

You could pretty much use whatever you like.

I put them on my george foreman grill to get the grilled look.

I then wrap them in foil and write on the outside. I also wrote how many points they were since we are doing weight watchers.

Then pop them into the freezer for

a quick lunch or dinner.


Kristi said...

Great idea Ali, i'll have to try this! thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge!!

Anonymous said...

Smart girl!! ;)

Abbi said...

WOW! Awesome idea! I do love those, but they ARE pricey! I'll have to try this way.

How long do you leave them on the grill?

erin said...

luv it!