Friday, January 23, 2009


Since the weather was so nice yesterday my girls spent alot of time outside. They decided to get there grocery carts, purses, and babies and go shopping. The funny part of this story is something Lily said(I'll come back to that).

There is a joke in my family that Lily reminds us of my sister Anna and Sadie reminds us of Katie. If you knew my sister's when they were younger or my daughter's you will probably see the resemblance. See Anna was always a bit dramatic, very girly and always into princesses. Katie on the other hand was more of a tom boy that was always getting into mischief. The best way to describe her was a pest. This describes my girl's to a T.

So anyway back to the funny part. After I took their pictures because they are just stinkin cute. Lily say's to Sadie " I'm Aunt Anna and your Aunt Kate-Kate. So off went Aunt Anna and Aunt Kate-Kate with their babies and purses to go shopping!


Anonymous said... cute. They will grow up WAY TOO FAST!! Glad you're taking pics and documenting these memories...for many reasons ;)

Katie said...

Maybe I was a pest, but you forgot to say that I was ridiculously cute like Sadie!

Anna Meadows said...

Oh, how cute!!! Haha! I LOVE those girls! I want to hug and kiss them!