Tuesday, February 10, 2009


A day late but that's Ok!!

Outside my window...It looks cloudy hope it doesn't rain!

I am thinking...about taking a break from packing today and get out of the house to do
something fun for a bit

I am thankful...for all my wonderful friends and family who made my birthday special yesterday

From the kitchen...trying to use up all the food I have around here so I don't have to move alot of it. It should be interesting!

I am reading...yet again nothing....

I am hoping...this week goes by fast I am anxious to move into our new house

I am creating...notta

I am hearing...the girls watching backyardigans and quietly talking about which ones are there

Around the house...boxes boxes boxes

One of my favorite things...cuddling with my sweet girls

A few plans for the rest of the week...

Mon-we had a wonderful dinner at mom's and dad's
Tue-need to get out of the house
Wed-Work, lifegroup
Thur-finish up packing
Fri-close on our house 9am
Sat-big moving day
Sun-unpacking and a birthday party for two precious little friends of the girls

Please join in with Peggy and others here.


kacie said...

happy Late bday!!!! Sorry I didn't know...hope it was great! Where are you moving to? I've been meaning to ask ya, but you can email it to me or we can chat later. I'm so out of it:)

deleise said...

I love your "outside my window", guess you wrote that early in the day, huh?!