Monday, March 16, 2009

Outside my window...looks like it will be another pretty day

I am thinking...all I want to accomplish this week

I am thankful weekend with my family, sad when they are over

From the kitchen...
Tue-Pork chops
Wed-Sandwiches & Soup
Thur-Chicken Meatloaf
Sat-Hot Dogs
Sun-Creamy beef noodle casserole

I am reading...Biggest loser fitness program

I am lose 10lbs before my vacation in May

I am creating...actually got a layout done this weekend, need to do alot more!

I am hearing...quiet, the girls are sleepy this morning

Around the house...organizing office, hall closet, and sorting through girls winter clothes.

One of my favorite things...Coffee, which i've switched out for green tea this morning. Trying to cut some calories from my creamer :(

A few plans for the rest of the week...
Mon-all my family girls coming over for lunch, work later this afternoon
Tue-Watching some friends kiddos
Wed-Work, and maybe lifegroup(No childcare this week)
Fri-Taking the day off, having a Lily and Mommy day
Sat-Family day
Sun-Abbi's wedding shower


E.Gray said...

hey girl, i saw on your comment that it said you were watching my kids on tuesday but I have down to work on monday, and brinley goes to school that day. Hope this is still ok. Let me know.

E.Gray said...

ok so ignore the last comment, that was obviously my bad :) didnt realize it was an old sorry if i confused ya :) thought it was the rest of your anniversary post. Had a great time running today. we need to do it again soon.